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Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble Auditions

Due to the advanced nature of the music and the limited rehearsal time, students must audition in order to participate in Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble.  Auditions will be held in September and again in January.  There will be one audition for both Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band.  Students may participate in both if they would like. 


Music will be distributed approximately two weeks in advance of the audition.  Students will receive some initial guidance on the music and how to prepare it, then will be expected to practice it on their own.  Auditions will be scored on a scale of 1-4 in the categories of Tone, Rhythm, Accuracy, and Sight Reading (playing a brand-new piece of music that you are provided in the audition).  As a baseline, students should earn a score of 3 or higher ("Proficient") in Tone, Rhythm and Accuracy in order to be eligible for these ensembles, which would demonstrate a general comfort in reading music and playing their instrument.  Musicianship, technique, range, and idiosyncrasies of each instrument may also factor into selection.


Auditions will be heard one student at a time by Mr. Cohen, and when available by Mr. Kandrack. When selecting students for the ensembles, the directors will be as inclusive as possible, while also ensuring that rehearsals can be productive and efficient, and that each ensemble can satisfy their educational goal as stated above. 


Instruments in the rhythm section of the Jazz Band - piano, bass, guitar and drum set - will be limited to one or two students per instrument. This is due to the nature of their role in the band, which only allows for one musician to be playing at a time. 


Still have questions?  Feel free to contact Mr. Cohen or Mr. Kandrack.