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About Our School


2023-2024 Enrollment of 806 Students

413    7th grade students

393    8th grade students



                    Norwin Middle School is committed to fostering the intellectual, physical and development of every student.  Our school recognizes each child's unique talents and abilities by emphasizing independence, through activities, experiences and expectations.


Teaming Concept


Our Middle School utilizes the teaming model to promote a sense of connection within a smaller community while being a part of the larger school population.  Teaming allows for students to develop relationships critical to school and personal success.  Norwin Middle School is organized with six teams: three in seventh grade and three in eighth grade.  The seventh grade teams are the Jaguars, Cheetahs, and Cougars.  The eighth grade teams are the Panthers, Lions, and Tigers. Students share core courses such as English, Math, Social Studies, and Science with peers from their own team.  They attend Specials classes (Art, Tech Ed, Phys Ed, Music, Health, Family and Consumer Sciences) with students from all three teams.


Personalization and differentiation of instruction for students is maximized as team teachers have seminar time to plan for students' strengths and needs while also integrating curricula, analyzing data, sharing professional development resources, and responding to parent and student requests.  Students-of-the-Month and Citizenship Awards are team-based awards through which students are celebrated for their accomplishments.