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Guidance SAP (Student Assistance Program)

Welcome to the Norwin Middle School SAP (Student Assistance Program) Web page!

Norwin Middle School participates in a program of Student Assistance (SAP) for which professional staff members are trained to identify and assist students who may have issues interfering with school performance that may be caused by personal, family, academic or social troubles. If you would like to refer a student to our SAP program, please email the School Counselor listed below, or call the Guidance Office at 724-861-3010. 

Members of our team include:
Mrs. Lisa Banasick, Asst. Principal

School Counselors
Jennifer DiVittis (last names ending in M-Z)
Mr. Wes Kean (last names ending in A-L)

School Psychologists
Mrs. Brianna Mainwaring

Mrs. Michelle Ogg

Classroom Teachers
Mrs. Michele Brooks

Ms. Tiffany Ilich

Mrs. Wendy Johnson

Mrs. Becky Rutkowski
Ms. Tobi Sasso

Home & School Visitor
Mr. Tim McCabe

School Nurse
Mrs. Jessica Rovesti

SAP Liaison
Ms. Hayley Hayden