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Grade 7 – Year Courses

Math 7 – Math 7 is designed to assist students in mastering the standards, building a solid math foundation, providing for a smooth middle school transition and establishing academic confidence. This class will provide a strong base as students navigate through the secondary math curriculum. Course topics include ratios and proportional relationships, the number system (rational numbers), expressions and equations, statistics and probability, and geometry. By taking Math 7 in 7th grade, students will then take Math 8 in 8th and be thoroughly prepared to take Algebra I in 9th grade. This math sequence will better prepare students for PSSA exams during the 7th and 8th grade.

Math 7/Pre-Algebra – This course will place a strong emphasis on the continued studyof integers, order of operations, variables, expressions, and equations. Students willsolve and graph equations and inequalities, write and solve proportions, and explore
geometry, statistics, and graph concepts. Problem solving will be emphasizedthroughout the course. Students who successfully complete this course with an 88% orhigher will advance to Algebra I in 8th grade. Students who earn an 87% or below will be prepared to move on to Math 8.


Algebra I – Algebra I is a course in which students learn how to solve problems by using variables to represent unknown quantities and then solving for those unknown quantities by writing equations and inequalities. Course topics include a review of the order of operations with integers, solving equations, and simplifying expressions. Students will work extensively on solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities. Additional topics will include rules of exponents, factors and polynomials, polynomial fractions, and radicals. Students who successfully complete this course with a 70% or higher will be prepared to move on to Geometry. Students who earn a 69% or below will repeat Algebra I in 8th grade.

English Language Arts – The 7th grade English Language Arts course is designed to provide integrated instruction in reading and writing based on the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards. In this course, equal attention is allotted to a wide variety of literary and informational texts. The students will read and write responses in various genres, including: argumentative, informative/explanatory, narrative, research, and text dependent essays. Text analysis and critical thinking skills, such as comparing and contrasting different mediums, is a primary focus. Working independently and collaboratively, students will be encouraged to utilize analytical thought in considering resources and ideas they encounter.

Pre-Honors English Language Arts – The pre-honors grade 7 ELA class is a rigorous thematic exploration of various types of literature, spanning many genres and text-types. The course offers students an opportunity to analyze challenging novels, stories, and non-fiction pieces on a more rapid pace. Moreover, students will strengthen their written expression skills by focusing on grammatical elements and producing organized, highly focused writings. Students who earn an 88% or higher final course grade will have the opportunity to select Pre-Honors ELA their eighth grade year.

Integrated Science – This course focuses on five main units of study. Unit one is an in-depth study of chemistry which includes: matter and its properties at the molecular level, periodic table, and classification/organization of matter. Unit two is an examination of the Earth’s geological processes from the structure and composition of rocks and minerals, erosional forces, and Earth’s dynamic features such as earthquakes/volcanoes. Unit three, meteorology, focuses on the Earth’s atmosphere, weather formation and patterns, and Earth’s severe weather systems. Unit four is a study on Newton’s Laws of force and motion, velocity/acceleration measurements, energy, and machines. Unit five is an in-depth study of astronomy including: the history of NASA, Earth and its solar system, galaxies, and the universe.

Global Studies – A yearlong course that builds essential skills based upon the content of world history, geography, economics, government, and ecology standards. During Global Studies, students journey through time to discover a world of classical, medieval, and renaissance cultures. First, students learn how Greek civilization flourished to contribute many innovations, including philosophy, democracy, art, literature, and theater, that we continue to use during modern times. Next, students study ancient Rome, the birth of the Republic, and the dynasties of the Roman Empire. As the school year progresses, students become familiar with the system of feudalism during the Middle Ages and finally examine the religious, economic, social, political, and cultural changes that took place during the European Renaissance. Throughout Global Studies, students strengthen their cartography, critical thinking, and creative writing skills. In addition to becoming skilled at how to effectively organize answers to essay questions and to write with supporting evidence, students experience hands-on learning as they analyze primary source materials, role-play, engage in simulation activities, and work cooperatively.

Pre-Honors Global Studies – This course follows the same content standards as Global Studies with a focus on developing the advanced students’ leadership insights. The course promotes a deeper understanding through class discussions that move from concrete applications to abstract representations. Students will be presented with activities that enhance learning by going from simple tasks to complex problem solving and from retaining basic knowledge to the transformational application of ideas and materials. Students’ interpersonal communication skills are advanced as they engage in dialogue with their cohort as they present ideas and products to the class. Students gain greater independence through planning, designing, and self-monitoring of a project highlighting one historic figure and his or her leadership style. Students who earn an 88% or higher final course grade will have the opportunity to select Pre-Honors US/PA Studies their eighth grade year.

Health – The 7th grade health curriculum, conducted in conjunction with Physical Education, is designed to familiarize students with issues they will encounter during their middle school years. It is designed to provide knowledge and experiences, which will enable them to make choices which will have a positive impact on their health. Units covered include communicable diseases, wellness, tobacco, skeletal system, muscular system, and fitness. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Physical Education – The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with the different sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities. The students will also have opportunities to become involved in life-long physical activities through individual sport units. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Adaptive Physical Education – This course is available for students in Grades 7 and 8 who either temporarily or permanently may not participate in regular physical education class as specified by a physician’s excuse. This course utilizes a wide variety of activities and strategies to meet the needs of students participating in the program.


General Music – In this course, students will study the elements of music and various musical genres and styles. Students will work toward becoming lifelong educated consumers of music through classroom work, hands-on projects, quizzes, and tests. There are no required concerts or after school events with this course. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Band – The 7th Grade Band is open to all students who previously studied a band instrument. Students may enroll as a beginning band student with consultation from the band director. Students will increase their instrumental skills through use of warm-ups, scales, and concert literature. Additional rehearsals occur outside of class during activity period. Two evening concerts (December and May) and the performance at the Music Performance Assessment (during the school day in May) are required (graded). Students electing Band as a class may also participate in Orchestra and/or Chorus during activity period. There are additional opportunities for select honors groups, percussion ensemble, and jazz band. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Chorus – Middle School Chorus is open to all 7th grade students who like to sing or want to learn more about music in a performance based class. This course will continue their education in proper vocal technique, music literacy, and choral repertoire. Students will learn in individual, small group, and large group settings and may have the opportunity to participate in dance, piano, and or vocal solo opportunities. Additional rehearsals are held two days per six-day cycle, by voice part, for any student who would like additional rehearsal time. Please note, as part of this course, students are required (graded) to attend two evening concerts (one in December and the other in May) with the possibility of optional performances throughout the year. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Orchestra – Middle School Orchestra is open to all 7th grade students who play violin, viola, cello, or bass. Orchestra class provides students with the opportunity to further develop their instrumental skills and experience quality orchestral literature through meaningful ensemble performance. Additional rehearsals take place several times a week during activity period throughout the school year. Two evening concerts (December and May) are required (graded). Students electing Orchestra as a class may also participate in Band and/or Chorus during Activity Period. This half credit class meets every other day over the course of the school year.

Grade 7 – Nine (9)-Weeks Courses

Computer Applications – This class will teach students the fundamental concepts of word processing needed for their middle school classes. Students will use Microsoft Word to format, edit, and print various projects. Students will also practice proper keyboarding techniques using Micro Type software. In addition to word processing, students will learn how to compose a professional email.


Computer Science - This course will introduce students to basic coding and computer science principles through the development of games and interactive animations. Students will be challenged to collaborate with their peers, investigate different problem-solving techniques, and persist through difficult tasks.

Industrial Technology – Computer Aided Design (CAD), Graphic Design, and Robotics are the foundations of this course. Students will research all aspects of the universal systems model and utilize creative problem solving skills to solve design challenges in each area of concentration. Projects include CAD drawings, posters, mouse pads, and robotic programs.